Comfy Campaign #1

The Story So Far

12-11 BP: Harsh winter, especially near Riversend, led to extra raiding in the spring and summer.

11 BP: Unbeknownst to raiders, some Hill People had recently gotten more organized by a fellow named Konrad, and as such when a small raiding party was captured due to bad luck(Fireball-casting wizard in the town they hit), they captured some soldiers and found out the location of Riversend. They hit back in major force, and routed the defenders, killing dozens and burning many outlying settlements. They came to terms, but ones that were very harsh to Riversend – Snori’s youngest(then 13) daughter Truls as a permanent hostage against Riversend’s future behaviour, and repayment of twice what they had stolen, which was many full boats worth of goods, largely food. The hunting and fishing was good, but not good enough, and several families fled to escape starvation, weakening the town further.



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