Alrik Hrolfson

Alrik Hrolfson is a priest of Thangrim in the village of Riversend

He was born in Riversend on the 25th of Yulton in the xth year of Snori Bloodaxe’s reign.

Upon reaching adulthood Alrik entered the priesthood of Thangrim under the tutelage of Knut The Holy. After nearly a decade as a neophyte Alrik proved himself to Thangrim, and was consecrated as a full priest. Since then he has served Riversend dutifully, seeing to their spiritual needs, and supporting their battles. Over the years of his service Alrik has made a name for himself as a respected negotiator, and has, on behalf of the Village Chief mediated several treaties. His reputation as a negotiator however is slightly marred by his great zeal for battle.

Stat Base Modifiers Total Mod
Str 15 0 15 2
Dex 12 0 12 1
Con 14 0 14 2
Int 12 0 12 1
Wis 16 0 16 3
Cha 13 0 13 1

HP: 32
AC: 17
AB: +7
Dmg: 1d12+4

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Domain Spontaneity war
Skill Ranks Stat Mod
Diplomacy 8 cha 1
Concentration 8 con 2
Healing 8 wis 3
Knowledge (history) 4 int 1
Knowledge (religion) 4 int 1
Saves Base Ability Mod
Fort 5 1 6
Ref 1 1 2
Will 4 3 7

Spells per Day:
0th: 5
1st: 3+1
2nd: 2+1
3rd: 1+1

(Don’t put spell choices here – email them to me. Just put spells per day down on the public sheet)

+1 Great Hammer 1d12
+1 Breastplate

Rations trail (5 days),
Travelers outfit,
Flint and Steel,
Stone cube (everlasting flame)
Holy Symbol, Silver,
Healer’s Kit,
8g 18s 20c

Cold weather outfit,
Cleric’s vestments,
Rations trail (20 days),
Spell component pouch,

Misc equipment:
Blanket Winter,
Rations trail (20 days),
Rope help 50ft,

2 Dog Guard,
2p 5g 30s 200c

Alrik Hrolfson

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