House Rules

Any house rules we use will be added here.

Diplomacy skill is under Burlew rules, not PHB rules.

For Craft checks, you roll by the week, but actual completion time is based on the check result – if you roll 35 GP of progress on a 25 GP item, you finish in 5 days. Use this instead of the daily-roll rules.

Thangrim is obviously a homebrew god.

I’m going to be dicking around with Formation Rules, but I have no idea if they’ll ever actually get used. If you know of a book that has official rules for that stuff, let me know.

The interaction between (Great) Cleave and lance charges needs to be changed. If you have Ride-By Attack and Cleave, you may continue a lance charge through a kill and retain the lance bonus from charging. The movement and attacks must be in a straight line, and each body on your lance costs you 5 feet of maximum movement per square, so killing 4 guys requires 5+10+15+20 = 60 feet of movement. You can make up to two such attacks if you have Cleave, or as many as your mount has movement range for if you have Great Cleave. If you do not have Ride-By Attack, you may not use Cleave feats on a lance charge.

Obsidian is a special material for slashing or piercing weapons that adds +1 attack and +1 damage. These stack with enhancement and masterwork bonuses. Any attempt made to sunder an obsidian weapon gains the benefits of the Improved Sunder feat, whether the attacker has that feat or not. Obsidian weapons have 2 hardness and 2 HP. Obsidian costs 5 GP per arrow, 500 GP for a light weapon, 1000 GP for a one-handed weapon, or 2000 GP for a two-handed weapon. If an obsidian arrow misses the target in a rocky environment, it is unrecoverable.

In Languages, the “Coastal Tongue” is a pidgin language. As such, it is not independent from other languages, and there is some cross-talk possible. In order to understand a conversation in the pidgin if you speak one of its component languages, or to understand a conversation in one of the component languages if you speak the pidgin, make an Intelligence check – DC 10 for simple conversation, DC 15 for normal, DC 20 for complex. For attempts to understand the pidgin, you get a +5 bonus to the check for each component language you speak after the first.

House Rules

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