Mountain People

“The Mountain People” is the name for a loosely organized group of humans, living between the Middle Mountains and the Sea. They almost universally accept the domain of Thangrim as their deity of choice. They speak the Mountain Tongue.

The Mountain People have seven primary settlements, including Riversend, and a huge number of smaller ones, but no chieftain holds sway over more than one. The total population of the lands of the Mountain People is 48389.

Major Settlements(See Maps section):
Snori’s Landing – Pop 848, leader Gunnar the Dark
Krenal – Pop 718, leader Anton Espenson
Hillcrest – Pop 684, leader Halvor
Bluevale – Pop 666, leader Eric Ralfson
Trailsend – Pop 644, leader Marko Markoson
Riversend – Pop 626, leader Snori Bloodaxe
Axelton – Pop 419, leader Axel the Bold

Minor Settlements(incomplete list):
Thangrim’s Foot – Religious settlement, located at the base of the Great Mountain. Home base of the Hammersworn.
The Falls
(More as needed)

The lands of the Mountain People outside of the farms are wild and untamed. The woods feature wolves, bears, boars, wolverines, poisonous snakes, and occasionally dire versions of same.
Tiny Viper, CR 1/3
Small Viper, CR 1/2
Wolf, CR 1
Medium Viper, CR 1
Large Viper, CR 2
Black Bear, CR 2
Wolverine, CR 2
Boar, CR 2
Dire Wolf, CR 3
Brown/Grizzly Bear, CR 4
Dire Wolverine, CR 4
Dire Boar, CR 4
Dire Bear, CR 7

Mountain People

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