Sitting near the end of the mighty river Valdis, Riversend is a powerful community of Mountain People. It boasts a force of over 150 and three large longboats, capable of sacking most settlements when given cause. Riversend is devoted to the worship of mighty Thangrim, the god of strength, valor, and freedom, and is watched over by his noble priests. It is currently led by mighty warrior Snori Bloodaxe, and its spiritual leader is Knut the Holy.

626 citizens
282 male(8 venerable, 33 old, 57 middle aged, 90 adult, 94 children)
344 female(12 venerable, 34 old, 87 middle aged, 115 adult, 96 children)

Priesthood(13) Cleric/Adept
Nobility(6) Fighter/Barbarian
Farmer(115) Warrior
Fisher(21) Warrior
Hunter(11) Wilderness Rogue/Expert
Lumberjack(7) Expert
Carpenter(3) Expert
Smith(3) Expert
Shipwright(2) Expert
Trader(2) Expert
Random tradesmen(5) Expert

136 warriors(5 venerable, 27 old, 44 middle aged, 60 adult)
30 experts(2 venerable, 3 old, 7 middle aged, 18 adult)
8 adepts(1 old, 2 middle aged, 5 adult)
5 clerics(Knut the Holy, Old Cleric, Bjartur Snorison, Alrik Hrolfson, Adult Cleric)
3 barbarians(Snori Bloodaxe, [[Matt’s PC]], Adult Barbarian)
3 fighters(Middle Aged Fighter, Knut the Tall, Adult Fighter)
3 wilderness rogues(Middle Aged Wilderness Rogue, Arni Gunnarson, Adult Wilderness Rogue)


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