Thangrim is the god of strength, valour, and freedom. He is worshiped by all in Riversend, and most in the areas around it. His domains are Strength, War, Chaos, and Good.

Thangrim rules the Middle Mountains from his keep high atop the Great Mountain. From there he watches all of mankind’s petty wars, searching for warriors who show exceptional valour or strength in combat. When a warrior is proven to exemplify these ethos, Thangrim will send one of his Hammersworn to aid him in battle, and encourage him to further acts of strength and valour in his name. Inversely warriors who show cowardice in battle, or are cruel to prisoners are punished harshly.

The worship of Thangrim focuses primarily on feats of strength and valour, both in and out of combat. There exists little religious cannon, and worship usually takes the form of wrestling matches and other athletic tournaments. The cornerstone of Thangrim worship however is the cutting of large stone blocks from the Great Mountain. For a youth to ascend to manhood he must first travel to the Great Mountain and carve a large stone block from its face. He then must return to his village bearing the block on his back. This block will be used as the cornerstone of his new home, and thusly no buildings can be constructed without a block from the Great Mountain. Youths who fail this task by either breaking their blocks, or carving unsatisfactory blocks, in either quality or size, are ostracized and travel the land as outcasts. This however, is a very rare case.

Thangrim’s totem weapon is the Great Hammer, which is most often represented as a large stone headed maul, borne by both the Priests of Thangrim and his Hammersworn. The heads of these hammers are crafted from stone carved from the Great Mountain. The Hammers are used both as a ceremonial item, in weddings and funerals, and as a weapon of war. Both Priests of Thangrim and Hammersworn use these exclusively, although many variations exist.


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